Cotton Bowl

Cotton BowlNotre Dame fights against the Irishman in the college football playoffs, these are the Clemson Tigers on the card. Sweet … This is a strange accumulation. After a few months of selling the plan to the country and defending its position in the natural order of university football … there have not been many changes.

Anti-preview Wonderful @phillykelly Notre Dame de Paris still suffers from a lack of respect, most of which is due to a game that took place six years ago. It does not matter that Clemson and Notre Dame have many different ways throughout the year; Let’s concentrate on a game that happens when all these players are in high school or high school.

Despite this frustration, many people think that when many people use college football, this is very reasonable. The only way to really change it is to win. Notre Dame believes that it is different from all the others, so the same standards in other schools will not be consistent with the Irish.

I feel like everyone is canceling Notre Dame in this game, I understand why. Although the two teams are very similar, it feels like Clemson is better in almost every position. When you add them all, the Tigers should be favored, but I do not think they should be so favored. Even if I think Clemson is more likely to win, the defense of the University of Notre Dame is enough to make

The similarities here are obvious, it tells me that this game can be attributed to which team reduces errors. This is usually the case when your team has a talented but inexperienced quarterback.

This book is junior, but after attending some homework assignments as a sophomore in 2017, it did not become a full-time start until the end of September. Lawrence is a freshman who was highly promoted in high school but did not become a starter until October. None of them has competed in this size, and both will be ahead of one of the best defenses in the country.

When it comes to these defenses, they are great. Clemson’s defensive lineup is one of the best defensive lineups in the country and has been eliminated with future NFL players. Notre Dame’s defense does not have the same star power, but as a unit, it can rival anyone in the country.

Clemson’s defense is more complete, so he should give them the advantage of this department. Both units are good at limiting the explosive games, they need to continue doing so in this game to give their team the opportunity to enter the championship. 2 General Table

Clemson will win if … he can find Travis Etienne’s space to run. Although Lawrence has done an excellent job for Big One’s quarterback, throwing 24 touchdowns with only four interceptions, he is still a freshman who will play the biggest game of his life.

If they can reduce their load as much as possible, it will be a great help for the Tigers, and they are ready to do so on the powerful offensive line and one of the best guards in the country. However, Etienne and the company will oppose the excellent defense of Notre Dame, so finding space is not easy.

On the other side of the ball, the seven best of Clemson must find a way to press the book. Although Clemson’s overall defense is excellent, his middle school has shown embarrassment during the season, and a good passing impact will help to cover up. The good news for Clemson is that he has one of the best passes in the country because his dismissal rate of 10.46% ranks second in the country.

Notre Dame will win if … it can slow down Clemson’s offense. The Irish will face one of the most powerful defenses of the Tigers, including Book, Dexter Williams and physically strong receivers such as Miles Boykin, Chase Claypool, Alize Mack and Cole Kmet.

Notre Dame will also face. The problems raised many points on the team’s board. Therefore, it is vital that your defense do everything possible to keep the Irish in the game. They must find a way to limit Etienne, one of the country’s most explosive backups. Although the passing Notre Dame defense is generally good, approval approval is still lacking because its firing rate of 6.53% is only the 57th in the country.

They must press Lawrence and make him feel uncomfortable because he wants to put the ball in a dangerous position, which will lead to mistakes. If Notre Dame does not win a turnover in this game, then the chances of winning are at least negligible.